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1/27/2013       Site Back Up For Some Reason
Website returns after being advised to put it back up. Websites are for people who live in 1997. 

8/29/2008      New Release with Holly Golightly in mid-October

This particular project was recorded in the middle of a 50 date tour during the only break we had. That week found us in Gijon, Spain on the Northern coast. We had chosen to record there at an analog studio by the name of Circo Perotti which is outfitted with a lovely selection of vintage microphones and loads of ancient outboard treasures to play with. After wrangling with all the ghosts, goblins and gremlins that inhabit gear and studios of this nature, the record was completed in five days... which is one more day than we spent the last one, so it may seem a little over produced to some!

While we must admit it was probably not the most carefully recorded string of sounds ever committed to tape, we do feel that it suits the songs. We were a bit weary and dirty. If you listen close, you'll hear the mud on our shoes on more than a few tracks.

This record is called "Dirt Don't Hurt", because it doesn't. It was produced by us.

7/25/2008      Back Home Stateside

   Wow. Back home from europe and back to some real heat, low prices and cold beer. Sure was fun and again, met some really cool people and had a load of fun. I'd like to thank everyone who came out to all 50 shows and I reckon I'll be seein y'all next year.

   People back here say I talk funny now.

2/29/2008     Happy Leap Day! Tour Dates Up

Alright then, European and UK Tour dates are now posted. Kickin off in April and goin til June. That's a long time to go without a hot dog but I reckon I can survive. Lookin forward to it all and see y'all real soon...

12/10/2007  Site Done Died

    I forgot to water the website whilst out on tour and it died as a result. I have been force feeding it corn dogs and bourbon since returning and it seems to be getting better now. My apologies.

  I will now extend a special thanks to all those that came out to the shows and hope to see y'all real soon. And all you folks in Europe best git ready cause i'm goin back in April - June 2008. Starting in Greece! How crazy is that? Dates to git posted when i have 'em.

  Uhh let's see what else? 2 New records for 2008 are in the pipe and coming along famously. Keep yer ears on. I have yet again escaped from prison and am now hiding in an undisclosed location making lots of wildlife uncomfortable. I aim to put some roughs up when they're done so's y'all can have a listen if you are so inclined yo do so.

Here's to all y'all

-Lawyer dave

08/07/2007  FALL U.S. TOUR...

  Good to be back stateside. No roundabouts anywhere in sight. Had me a proper burrito and a case of Miller High Life to celebrate. Europe is now a blur and am gettin my legs back. Sure was fun though, I'll do it again for certain. I'd like to thank the many who came out to see the shows and all the excellent people I met. Don't remember a single name but I never forget a face and hope to see y'all again next year.

  New U.S. tour beginning in September. This time it's the whole turtle. It will start in New York and end round there after a complete circumnavigation of this here country. No Customs misadventures for the entire duration with the potential exception travelling through Arizona and New Mexico.

  Anywoo, there's a bunch of towns I ain't never played before on this run and am lookin forward to meetin folks in towns I've heard of but never been to. No language barrier for this one so I'll actually listen this time. Here's the list of shows so far...

Sept 2007
13    Rocks Off Concert Cruise - NYC, NY
14    Ottobar - Baltimore, MD
15    Cafe Nine - New Haven, CT
17    Beachland Tavern - Cleveland, OH
18    The Basement - Columbus, OH
19    Southgate House - Newport, KY
21    Subterranean - Chicago, IL
22    Cafe Monmartre - Madison, WI
23    7th Street Entry - Minneapolis, MN
25    Mad Planet - Milwaukee, WI
26    Aquarium - Fargo, ND
27    Jackpot Saloon - Lawrence, KS
28    The Waiting Room - Omaha, NE
29    Larimer Lounge - Denver, CO

Oct 2007
1        Kilby Court - Salt Lake City, UT
3        The Fun House - Seattle, WA
4        Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR
6        Bottom of the Hill - San Francisco, CA
8        Echo - Los Angeles, CA
9        The Casbah - San Diego, CA
11      Plush - Tuscon, AZ
13      Emos - Austin, TX
15      The Loft - Dallas, TX
16      Rudyards - Houston, TX
17      One Eyed Jacks - New Orleans, LA
19      Hi-Tone Cafe - Memphis, TN
20      The End - Nashville, TN
21      Earl - Atlanta, GA
24      DC9 - Washington, DC
25      The Khyber - Philadelphia, PA
26      Middle East - Boston, MA

So come on out and have a drink or ten.

-Lawyer Dave

  Back in the UK from a bunch of European countries I never seen before. It was pretty damn great. Didn't have a single bad show and the folks over there have a lot of class. I reckon I might could 'splode from all the fun I've had and it's been fun not understanding the writing anywhere, kinda like being an illiterate. Can't say I didn't miss good BBQ but the food was pretty good. Customs agents are still assholes and I demand satisfaction. Apologies can be sent here:

Germany: I had my suspicions completely killed dead. You folks are allright.

Denmark: I like bacon now.

Sweeden: Drunks with hearts of gold

Norway: Everyone should see it before they die. That's all I can say. The most beautiful place on Earth (besides Texas of course) My apologies for mentioning Trolls.

  Gearin up for a European tour to begin in May. Ain't never been over there, other than the UK but I've met a lot of Euros. They sure do like their red pants. Anyways, lookin forward to it. As I understand, they got real good beer. I'm the wrong guy to make that call as my 2 favorites are Lone Star and Miller High Life (the champagne of beers) which i know are "crap" but I'm an goddamn Texan/American and I like my beer to be like soda pop. I just hope I can get bourbon there.

  Back from a damn good time. I'd like to thank all the folks that came out to see us and a special thanks to all them curious folks that got a closer look at my silly drum contraption. I've decided that while Yankees have a different idea of what manners are, they're mostly decent folks. Didn't see the horns and tails on 'em my mamma had always told me about and was a little disappointed about that. Had me a good 'ol time and be seein y'all again in late summer/early fall.

  Tour is going great. I'm in the Columbus public library at the moment for this update and I gotta say that out of all the libraries I've been in, this is one of them. The shows have been really good and fun. Aside from the usual few scenester fucks that have a constant stream of conversational diarrhea squirtin out their Yankee mouths, folks seem to dig on it and have been very nice. Holly and I have managed to remain the best of friends and are still laughing at all the silly shit we've seen. 5 more US shows to go then it's off to UK and Europe.

  I'm back. Customs agents are worse than cops. Motherfuckers took all my HP sauce. Oh well, I like A-1 just the same. Anyways, after a hurried mix, our record is done and I gotta say it was more fun than a dozen barrels of monkeys. Refer to the link below for more details. I need a nap.

  I am currently in the UK trapping noise with the lovely Ms. Holly Golightly for a record featuring the two of us. It will be called "You Can't Buy A Gun If You're Crying" and shall be released in March on Damaged Goods. 
read more here Provided the fellers I'm goin ferreting with on Wednesday do not kill me, there's gonna be a Yankee States tour in March. Look...

March 2007
 8th   New York, Mercury Lounge
 9th   Cambridge, Middle East Upstairs
10th  New Haven, Café Nine
11th  Philadelphia, The Khyber
13th  Rochester, The Bug Jar
14th  Detroit, Lager House
15th  Milwaukee, Mad Planet
16th  Madison, The Annex
17th  Chicago, Subterranean
20th  Columbus, Little Brothers
21st  Cleveland, Beachland Tavern
22nd Baltimore, The Ottobar
23rd  Arlington, IOTA Club & Café
24th  Hoboken, Maxwell's

  The new Brokeoffs album is about half done at this point. There were some unexpected hang-ups that I won't go into here. Let's just say that the ghost of Edward Burleson (1798-1851) was involved but I talked him into him to making his trouble elsewhere. Anyways, the new record will be out no later than March, 2045.

-Lawyer Dave

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